DHI Cloud Services

DHI offers a full range of Cloud Services with the experience you need to deliver all the power, flexibility and cost savings offered by the Cloud IT model. We can help your IT operations fulfill all the promises offered by Cloud computing with our full spectrum of services and capabilities.

Cloud Advisory Services

DHI Cloud Advisory Services will help you harness the revolutionary shift in infrastructure and mission-critical information systems now being delivered virtually.

DHI's holistic approach to your IT operations and needs means our Cloud Services can transform your business by improving your security, flexibility, efficiency and cost savings with the following range of services:

  • Virtualization Services
  • Cloud Adoption Services
  • Infrastructure Estate Planning
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Operational Readiness

Cloud Platform Services

Responsiveness and agility are the realities of doing business today. But most companies are hindered by the inflexibility of their IT resources. That's where DHI Cloud Platform Services come in. Using the Cloud Platform, DHI can provide you with IT infrastructure that expands and contracts to fit your real-time demands. DHI's suite of Cloud Platform Services include:

  • On Premise Private Cloud
  • Hosted Enterprise Cloud
  • xStream Cloud SasS
  • Backup-as-a-Service
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Cloud Cover Services

If your company is like most, your IT team spends a lot of time maintaining and supporting your businesses-critical applications. Using DHI's Cloud Cover Services and industry-leading Service Level Agreements will enable your company to expand capabilities, respond to rapidly changing needs, control costs and reduce risk. DHI's suite of Cloud Cover Services include:

  • CRM Infrastructure Management
  • CRM Application Management
  • Service Continuity & DR
  • Infrastructure & Applications
  • Support

Cloud Staging & Network Services

If you're finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace with the hardware and software demands of a physical data center and network, it's time to let DHI move them to the Cloud.

DHI's Staging & Network Services will securely house, connect, monitor and maintain your mission-critical systems and provide you with the flexibility you need to adapt and integrate changes as your business needs evolve. DHI's suite of Staging & Network Services includes:

  • Data Center Services
  • Network Services